Community Partner

Pine Tree Acres operations benefit Macomb County in many ways. Pine Tree Acres pays approximately $1 million in real and personal property taxes and other government fees and obligations on an annual basis. Pine Tree Acres also provides donations and in-kind services and pays more than $2 million a year to its host community, Lenox Township under the terms of a long term host community agreement. 

Pine Tree Acres also employs 23 local individuals, and purchases goods from Macomb and Michigan-based businesses.  Pine Tree  provides additional opportunities for surveying, engineering, trucking, construction, landscaping and equipment repair services work.

Pine Tree Acres provided funding for several miles of new public water lines, a donation of a fire truck, a rebuilt major intersection to improve public safety, and a foundation grant for public park signage. 

Pine Tree Acres is also pleased to provide ongoing assistance in training local rescue personnel.  In this picture,  Pine Tree Acres provided property and excavation for emergency personnel to practice situational rescue efforts involving a trench cave-in.

Pine Tree Acres is proud to support many community activities in the Lenox, New Haven and Richmond area.

Annual Lenox/New Haven Community Dinner


The Village of New Haven & Lenox Township host an annual Community Dinner every November before the Thanksgiving holiday. Attendees of the dinner receive a free meal in exchange for a donation of canned goods and non-perishable food items for stocking the local community food pantry.  Pine Tree Acres donates more than a dozen turkeys  to cook and serve for the dinner which is attended by well over 200 community members.

Pine Tree Acres has been a sponsor for the Richmond Treats in the Streets Halloween event…

 and the Richmond Ice Festival and Good Old Days Children’s parade.


The earth is in our hands and a polar bear recycling.

Wm seldoms misses the opportunity to be involved and to send a message about the importance of being engaged in preserving and protecting our communities and our environment.

Students from Richmond High School and New Haven Merritt Academy


Pine Tree Acres has also become a popular “educational experience”.  Students from schools and universities, as well as local business leaders and state and federal elected officials have toured Pine Tree Acres.   A tour of Pine Tree Acres teaches individuals first hand about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.  Observing landfill operations allows for a better understanding of modern solid Wm practices.


  • Almont Girl Scouts         
  • MAEOE - WM is a proud supporterof the Michigan Alliance of Environmental and Outdoor Education and participates in their annual conference, providing educational resources to environmental educators
  • WM Sponsored Keep Michigan Beautiful to become an Affiliate with Keep America Beautiful

Wm Pine Tree Acres likes to remind all of our visitors that no matter where we live, we all live in a watershed and everything we do has an impact on the watershed and native wildlife.

To arrange a tour call 586.749.9698.