Green Energy

Green energy landfills like Pine Tree Acres capture naturally occurring landfill gas from decomposing waste and turn it into clean energy for the community.

At Pine Tree Acres, landfill gas is controlled by over 500 active landfill gas collection wells.

A series of gas wells directs the landfill gas to an electric generating station. The landfill gas fuels caterpillar engines, powering electric generators.


Two onsite gas-to-energy facilities utilize the landfill gas to fuel seventeen engines, generating electricity and creating enough energy to the power over 19,000 homes.


Manufacturing plants and other major employers in Michigan are using landfill gas to help meet their energy needs. WM gas-to-energy facilities supply power to a General Motors facility in Orion and a West Michigan soy bean processing plant!

It’s possible that future technologies currently under development will accelerate the decomposition of waste and increase the amount of landfill gas and green energy Pine Tree Acres produces for southeast Michigan.