PTA of Tomorrow

New technologies, combined with changing public opinion about waste disposal, give PTA the potential to serve southeast Michigan indefinitely.

Landfills in the future will respond to customer demand for increased processing options for household, business, industrial and construction waste. These options may use a variety of technologies to process, rather than bury material, dramatically reducing the amount of waste requiring landfill disposal. In the future, landfills may employ techniques that will cause waste to decompose faster, potentially allowing landfill disposal areas to be reused.

As new technologies prove themselves to be effective and affordable, PTA and other landfills will likely evolve into waste processing centers employing advanced recycling and waste treatment processes. As Michigan communities incorporate them into their solid waste programs, these solid waste processing techniques will minimize landfill disposal, enabling facilities like PTA to serve Michigan’s needs well beyond timeframes currently anticipated.

What might PTA look like in 2050?