Wildlife Habitat Council

WM has been a member of the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) since the 1980’s, a standing that exemplifies its commitment to improving wildlife habitat through the enrichment of pre-existing habitat and the establishment of new habitat on the company’s landholdings. 

WM has 75 WHC Certified sites with 14,000 acres of actively managed wildlife habitat area.

Pine Tree Acres – the Green line below identify the Wildlife Habitat area at the site.

Pine Tree Acres received its certification in 2010 and uses the program to enhance the educational experience of visitors to our site.  Not only is it important to reduce, reuse and recycle, but it is equally important for individuals to connect with nature.  The more connected we are to our natural environment the more likely we are to be good stewards of it.

The Wildlife Habitat Program at Pine Tree Acres provides important habitat for native wildlife as well as allowing employees and local community members to become engaged in outdoor education.



Conducting a species inventory is part of the Wildlife at Work program


Monitoring & maintaining habitats  WM Employee, Chris Bilinsky




Meet Petey Lenox, an injured Great White Egret rescued at Pine Tree Acres in 2011. Petey was found with a broken wing that was unrepairable. He was taken to the Howell Nature Center where he was sponsored by WM. Petey took very well to his new home and lived out his remaining years well cared for in this safe and comfortable environment.


Meet a fully recovered Emmet the Egret (formerly named Petey Lenox) at the Howell Nature Center.



New Haven Cub Scouts construct 10 bat houses for the WHC program.